Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar + Firestation = Happy Little Man

This week has been crazy.  I was at WalMart on Monday, and Tuesday, AND Wednesday. And all three trips required a list!  That alone is enough to qualify for a doozie.  That was only the start though.  For some crazy reason I convinced myself to embark upon a giant project, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It seemed fun at first, I thought how bad could it really be, so I decided to make not one, but three.  Oh my, next time I have a thought like that I am going to lie down and let it pass.  Anyway, this is what most of my week consisted of.  Meet our new member of the family.

Have you read this book? I had read it before, but a few weeks ago we were at the Library for story time and the lady reading had her own caterpillar and all the food he ate.  She let all the kids take turns feeding him as she read the story.  Ty was in LOVE.  He asked me if we could please make our own caterpillar, and of course I said SURE!!!  I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, it wasn't the caterpillar himself, it was all that food he ate.

In the end my little mans smile and thank you made the whole thing worth it.  He really loves his Caterpillar, and we have to read the story and feed him everyday.  We also have to take him with us to Grandmas house so she can play caterpillars too.  So even though I wanted to say a lot of bad words while making it all, I am still glad I did it. 

On Thursday Ty's preschool got to go on a tour of the local fire station.  I think Ty was more excited than he is for Christmas.  He thought it was the greatest thing ever.

He was definitely one happy little man.  Friday we went to Grandma Jo's and mowed the lawn (my awesome summer job! I love it! really I do.) Then we came home and raked out all our old bark in the front of our house, and today we went and got new bark and spread it all out.  Ooh I love how fresh and tidy it all looks.  But I hate how sore I am, a painful reminder of how in shape I am NOT.  But the really sad news of the week is that poor Ben has one really bad toothache.  He has been to the dentist twice and it's still bothering him terribly.  Poor guy, I caught him Googling how to pull you own tooth the other night.  I love him, but I am not sure I can handle that level of redneck, pulling our own TEETH!! yikes. His truck is finally drivable again, yay! I needed it to go get bark so I sort of put the heat on him. Its not all beautiful yet, but it will be, as soon as he gets time to paint the new bed, which should be around when the snow flies again, haha. Sorry this post is not very positive, I am worn out at the end of this week.  But it's OK, cause Thursday we are outta here! Yay! stay tuned for more on that.... 


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