Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Farmers Life for Me

Every few years the field behind our house is cut bare of the lovely green grass and then plowed and smoothed and planted again.  Of course that whole process isn't quite as easy and beautiful as I have just described it.  It takes long hours, hard work and a lot of patience.  But for me it's pretty much as easy as watching out my back window, and occasionally missing my husband.  The best part about this process going on behind my house is that it totally keeps my kids entertained.  They love to watch all the goings ons.  There are even times that my son can't handle it anymore and runs into the field, (with permission of course) and thumbs for a ride.  And of course his Auntie Em can never say no.

If you didn't know, Ty has some pretty kick butt Aunts.  They can drive massive trucks, tractors, forklifts, just about anything you can imagine.  And somehow they still manage to be quite feminine while doing it all. They are some pretty amazing chicks.  And yes, they are married to some pretty amazing men, who can deal with being married to very capable women. I'm glad that Ty will grow up knowing that girls can do anything boys can do.  I'm even more glad that he's growing up doing a little farming.  There is something about it.  Its hard frustrating work.  But from what I have seen, it grows some pretty amazing kids up into some pretty amazing adults. Of course it might be more parenting than farming.  All in all, I'm proud to be a farmers wife, and a farmers mom (and sister and daughter in law.....)


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