Monday, April 30, 2012

Wild hair's

It's possible that my husband gets more wild hairs than anyone I have ever known.  It took me a good long while to get used to.  Like maybe five years.  Everyday he has a new plan, he is going to sell this, buy that, build this, or start doing something "on the side" to earn a few extra bucks.  And for a few years it kept me awake at night.  But over the last three years or so I have learned to love all his craziness.  He dreams BIG...  and to him, anything is possible.  I have learned so much from him.  He isn't afraid to try anything and everything.  He is smart about things and never jumps into something without thinking it totally through and doing his homework.  He is so smart and resourceful that I am shocked by it constantly, I even catch myself thinking sometimes that there couldn't possibly be anyone with more mechanical knowledge than him.  The truth is that he just always has to have a project.  Not a small one either.  So when you wonder where his truck is, and then you go to the shop and see these sitting outside, you take a really deep breath and just smile, cause you know it will all be OK.  (at least that's been the case more times than not in the last eight years.)

I seriously cannot even count the sets of tires and wheels I have seen come and go.  I couldn't begin to tell you how many gallons of paint, or late nights.  But it's what he loves, what makes him tick, it's who I fell in love with.  And even though I don't always have such nice things to say about all the time he spends at the shop, I love who he is.  I had also better mention that he is quite supportive of my wild hairs, of which there might be more than a few.  Like maybe a house and children that were neglected for days to sew these...

Or the time I spend on my new wild hair, blogging.  At least I know he supports me because he give me great material to tell y'all about.  And show you...

You see he was racing Ty, who never has even so much as a chance to win, poor kid.  And I'm sure Ally thought the whole thing was awesome, she has a whole lot of her Daddy in her.

Sorry they are fuzzy, it was getting dark and I was running down the road after them, not the time for any adjustments.  I don't mind so much though, my favorite part is when I walked down the driveway smiling and Ben said, "ohhh, I forgot you had your camera, dang it."  I love you so much Punk, and I don't mind your wild hairs so much either. I don't think life gets any better than this.


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