Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Perfect Weekend

Our weekend away can be summed up in one word, PERFECT.  It was relaxed, it was fun, it was 100% stress free.  It was just what I needed.  Brian Regan was REALLY funny, my cheeks hurt half way through, by the end I was holding on to them they hurt so bad.  If you ever get the chance to go see him, don't pass it up.  The boys made us breakfast both mornings, such awesome gentlemen they are.  We shopped, we ate, we went to a movie, we ate some more, it was heaven. The sad part is that I didn't even take any pictures until the last day.  Tuachan has a Saturday market, and last weekend they also had a car show.  So just to prove that we were really there I have to post a few random pictures. 

This black truck was one of my favorites.  Ben tells me that one day he will build me my dream car, a rat rod.  It will look a little like this, but maybe not as nice, I want it to look a little tougher.  I know, I am a strange girl, blame my husband. (and maybe my dad, and his dad too, cars are in my genes)  Anyways it was lovely, after the car show we stopped at a few quilt shops, and then for frozen custard.  Those boys sure do know how to show us girls a good time, we are pretty dang lucky.  We are double lucky because we had some amazing people holding down the fort at home.  I was so worried because I had never left Ally overnight before.  My amazing Mom took two precious vacation days from work and stayed home with the munchkins.  Lets not mention that she is in the middle of a remodel, making her job that much easier, ha-ha.  She tells me Ally did really good, but I am pretty sure she wouldn't tell even if she was terrible.  Ty, he always does good, Ben calls my Moms house Ty's real home, because he would rather live at her house instead of ours.  On Saturday afternoon Ben's Mom and Dad went and picked the kids up and kept them for a few hours until we got home.  Ty was asleep when they pulled into our drive way, I opened the door and snuggled him and kissed him until he woke up.  He hugged me back and then said, "Grandma said I could go to her house for awhile, I don't want to stay home with you, OK Momma?"  At least he knows he is loved I guess, I didn't take it too personally, I could have guessed he would have said that.  My Ally girl did seem glad to see me at least.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our getaway possible!

Of course Sunday was Mothers Day!  The best gift ever? Kids who sleep in until 9:20, thank you children for the pleasant surprise.  The second best gift? A homemade card, which truly is a million times better than anything you could buy in a store.

This is a sketch of my dream car, no one knows me better than my dear Husband.  I think that as your kids get older Mothers Day gets better and better. Ty told me Happy Mothers Day at least twenty times everyday for a week before.  I never knew how much those little fridge hangers would mean.  As it turns out, they are priceless.  Thank you Ty, and preschool.

Don't you love his pose? He claims he came up with it all by himself.  His teacher also interviewed him, Ben laughed so hard I though he might pass out.  I was pretty funny.

Because he drew me an awesome picture over it let me tell you what it says,

My Mom's name is
She is good at
making breakfast.
Her favorite thing to do is
get some rest.
She loves me because
she loves me to the moon and back.
I love her because she's my mom and
I love my dad because he's a worker.
Something pretty about her is she
works very hard. 

The part about getting some rest is what made Ben laugh so hard, sad thing is, Ty is probably right.  I do enjoy my rest.  Being a Mom is definitely the hardest, most painful, frustrating thing I have ever done in my life.  It is also the most rewarding, sweet, tender, fun, AMAZING thing in the whole world.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Even this very moment as my son is yelling for me to come help him, and my daughter is trying to sabotage my blogging by turning the computer off, I love it.  I can't even fully think about it or I start to tear up.  The most amazing part of it all I think, is realizing how much your own Mom has always loved you.  A love you were completely unaware of until these little people showed up and consumed your life.  I can't thank my Mom enough for all the love, compassion, and pure selflessness she has given me for almost 30 years now. (yikes!)  I only hope to do half as good as she did and is still doing. I love you Mom, I love you for loving me, and everyday I learn a little more just how much that really is.  Happy Mothers Day!


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