Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hurting Teeth

I have seen my husband in pain before, but since I was the one who made the appointment, I felt like it was all my fault.  Apparently when you have a tooth that is in trouble it will attempt to preform it's own root canal.  This causes the roots to become calcified, and that makes it hard for them to become numb.  Ben's were so calcified that for the majority of his root canal he was not numb, at least where they were drilling.  His eyelids, ears, neck and forehead were plenty numb, just not his tooth.  It was awful, I just wanted to tell them to stop, they were hurting him too much.  Of course he was a trooper, barely making a sound, but he was shaking and sweating and I could tell it was insanely painful.  I think I told him sorry at least 200 times last night. He wasn't blaming me of course, I just felt so so bad. The bright side is that today he feels a lot better.  It's a little sore but no tooth pain, whew. Because if it was still hurting, I am not sure I could even face him. I am so glad it's finally taken care of, now we can head down the road on Thursday without hesitation.  I am so excited that the thoughts of it are making my teeth hurt!

(To bad about that tiny print at the bottom, I guess we will have to leave mud magnet and drama queen home, dang.)


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