Friday, September 28, 2012

In my own backyard

The mountains out my back window are crazy with color.  I told Ben that he just had to get me out of the house last night, so we loaded up the kids and he took us out for a hamburger and a drive.  I am always in awe of fall, and every corner we went around just got better, to which I would say "Oh my gosh! Look at that, it's so gorgeous!"  After about the thirtieth time I had said it, I asked Ben, who wasn't commenting nearly as much as I thought he should be, don't you think it's amazing?  He said well once you have seen one red tree all the rest just kind of look the same.  What a man.  So needless to say I enjoyed the ride a whole lot, and Ben enjoyed having a happy wife and showing me where they ride their dirt bikes.  I am so grateful for this amazing beauty in my own back yard.

 Yeah, I can't see why Ben wasn't going crazy either.  It was spectacular! I have to make it back up there.  I want to try and get some more pictures, it was getting dark at the end and I wasn't nearly done.  On another note, I did get a project done, OK I got two projects done (yay me).  But one I have to wait to show until I have it all "put together".  This one is also very exciting though, for all my friends who have stood in my kitchen and said to themselves, why the heck doesn't she just hang a curtain on that lonely curtain rod that has been bare for almost four years, (yes four years) today is your day. (and I know that you thought it, don't even try to deny it)

The rod had been put there by the people who lived here before us.  It used to be white, I sprayed it black four years ago, now I sort of wish it was white.  I had good intentions to hang a curtain up, but inspiration never struck.  I wanted a small curtain because it would just be a total shame to block the view out that window. Then a week ago it hit me, completely out of nowhere. I remembered this fabric that was in my stash.  (don't ask why, it was so long ago I don't remember, and if you need some I still have probably 4 yards, don't judge me.) So I spent 1.50 at Walmart on some ribbon and a few hours later, viola!  Not to shabby right?  Not best curtain in the world, but better than a lonely bare curtain rod.  I am pretty pleased. Anyways I hope everyone can get out his weekend and fill your lungs with this amazing fall air.  I have to sight in a gun.  To go on a deer hunt.  That's less than a month away now, gulp.  Hope y'all have a lovely weekend.  (can you use the word y'all if you aren't from the south? I really like it) (along with parenthesis)(sorry)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

The other day we were outside working on a little project.  Ally couldn't / wouldn't, keep her little hands off of it.  So in the stroller she went.  I took my camera out to take pictures of our project, but it ended up in an Ally photo shoot.  Every time the camera is out she yells CHEESE until I take her picture.  She looks like an orphan, but I just couldn't resist, I am really sorry about all the crusty boogers, I really do wipe my kids noses, occasionally.


Ally where is your nose?

Where is your hair?

Wheres your eyes?

How about your teeth?

Wheres your ear?

I always ask where her toes are and she points to her nose.  So now we ask about her shoes.  She is all about shoes, she must be my child :)  I was hoping to have bright and shiny pictures of my awesome project, but it's not done yet, surprise.  Maybe this week? it's getting closer.  Here is a sneak peek.

Any guesses?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Floating Around

One night last week Ty, Ally and I went for a walk.  As luck would have it I brought my camera along, which, as you know, hasn't been the case lately. Five minutes in this appeared out of nowhere.

I have tried for a week not to read into it.  But honestly, I want to, and why shouldn't I? The second I saw it there was no doubt in my mind why that little green balloon floated right to us, to me.  It was unexpected and out of the blue, just like the person who sent it.  I am pretty sure he broke a lot of rules in heaven just to say Hi to me, to let me know that he misses us too. That even though he isn't physically holding my hand, he is still here with me, and not just to hunt a deer (although I'm sure that is earning me some extra love). Ty just thought it was cool, he didn't recognize the amazing spirit around us, or realize what a gift that little old balloon really was, but I did. Isn't it funny how something as simple as this can mean so much. Maybe it was Chad, maybe it wasn't, but the thought that our loved ones that have passed on are floating around gives me comfort.  I can't wait to see them again, to hug them and hear their laughter.  But until then this will do, I can carry on another day, because life is still beautiful, and I'm not about to let it just float on by.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big 3 - 0....

Two Mondays ago was my Birthday. I was going to skip posting because I kicked and screamed through the whole thing, on the inside anyways.  The actual day was pretty awesome.  We watched a parade, took our kids to a car show and let them ride a few rides at the carnival (all of which I forgot my camera for and kicked myself all day for). My Mom and Jeff came over and sat on the back porch and visited with us for awhile. Ben took us over to Cafe Rio for dinner, and then put the kids to bed and snuggled me on the couch while we watched a movie.  Pretty great as Birthdays go really.  I got a bunch of texts from my friends giving me sweet birthday wishes, I really am a lucky girl.  And I get it, 30 isn't that old.  But seriously, when did that happen?  It's not like I didn't do a whole lot while in my 20's.  Probably most of the best things about my life are all due to choices and experiences I made and had in my 20's.  I think what bothers me is that it was a sharp painful reminder of how fast life is speeding by.  I remember when I couldn't wait to be old enough to drive.  And it took f o r e v e r to finally turn 16 and have a drivers licence.  Now I have been driving almost half my life?!?! What?? That is just crazy.  When I look back at my life it has been one amazing ride, and I wouldn't change much.  I am truly grateful for all the experiences that have made me who I am today.  I just want all that and not to be 30 :)  At least I have the most awesome guy to hold my hand through all of it.  He wrote in my card that he still thinks I am sexy, even though this is the card he got me.  He sure knows how to lighten the mood, or not...

On Sunday we partied with the DeHart bunch.  It's always a good time, and you always come away feeling super special.  They put some time and thought into gifts and especially cards.  They all spend time writing you a really nice note that makes you feel so good.  Sometimes when I have a bad day I go find and old Birthday card and read it, it almost always makes me feel better.  My in-laws got me some new dishes, I am a sucker for dishes, I would have hundreds of sets if I could afford them.  Aren't they cute?

Oh my, this picture is horrible, it's from my phone, I'm too lazy to get them all out and take a good picture of them, but trust me they are super cute, and now I want more and more......  I got lots of good stuff for my Birthday and I felt very special, thank you everyone for all the Birthday love. 

Ty started preschool the day after my Birthday.  That's the post where I say how awesome it is to be back to a routine.  That sure lasted long.  Ty and Ally both got sick on Saturday afternoon and had super high fevers until Monday night, and they still have sore throats.  It's just been lovely.  Ben and I attempted a diet this week, yeah right, two sick kids + no sugar or carbs = grownup meltdowns.  So now my kids are finally feeling better and Ben is super sick.  I hate weeks like this.  Oh well, such is life.  Maybe 31 will go better? ha ha, cry, tear, kick scream.....  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back in the swing

Our summer has been amazing.  We have partied and played, and it has been lovely.  Now it's time to get back into a normal routine.  In someways I hate to see summer go, in other ways I like getting back to somewhat of a schedule.  (and I am sick of sweating like a pig, it's been a hot one!)  On Tuesday Ty started Preschool, again....

He has been dying to wear his school shoes for weeks, and his tractor shirt. Not sure what he is doing with his hand, I think he was smacking my plant out of the way, but it looks a little questionable :).  I hope I always remember to take my kids pictures on the first day of school, so far, so good. 

I am hoping that I will be able to fit a little quilting into this new schedule.  I have been pretty hit and miss this summer,  but that's OK, I have loved every minute of hanging with my kiddos.  I have a whole lot of projects that are crying out for attention.  A month or so ago I attempted my own design,  I was inspired by a pattern I saw on a rug.  For some reason after I finished it, It totally made me think of my Aunt and Cousin, so if I had to give her a name today then she would be "Stiletto Jones".

I just did this small one to start, but I want to make it a lot bigger. (sorry it's so wrinkly, it's been folded up for awhile)  I am also in the middle of a little baby boy quilt for some friends of ours that are expecting soon.    

If you can't tell, I am digging solids lately.  I have some big plans. Christmasy plans:)  using a pattern by this awesome little pattern person.

I also went to a youth activity on Wednesday night for our church group.  My mother in law was teaching the girls some embroidery, and asked me if I would come and help out.  I haven't done any hand work in forever, I was worried I wouldn't remember a thing.  As it turns out, I do remember, but I seriously forgot how much I love it.  It is amazing mindless work that just soothes the soul.  Even the girls loved it, and they did a great job.  I ended up making miss Ally a little white hankie, sew cute, sew fun.  I am sure someday she will appreciate it, right??

So as you can see, I plan on wearing many hats this Fall.  Here's hoping I can make it happen.  Now I'm off to put on the trusty dusty, Mom hat, my favorite hat of all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

San Juan Utah

So I had myself convinced that it had only been one week since my last post.  Wrong, two weeks.  Dang, I hate when time gets away from me like that.  It's not like it's been a kicked back two weeks, it's been killer.   But the best part was our camping trip down south, it was amazing.

Last Thursday we pulled the trailer down to southern Utah to camp.  It's not like we just decided on this particular area because it's super awesome (which it totally is).  Every year for the last 13 years I have entered the Utah Big Game Hunting Draw trying to obtain a tag which allows me to hunt a deer in this specific area.  It's not like 13 years ago I was itching to hunt for deer.  (I'm still not feeling much itch) 13 years ago my Step Dad, who was a hunting fanatic, started entering for me.  The plan was that he was going to take me and pretty much do all the really hard stuff for me.  Five years ago my Step Dad passed away.  With so many points built up my family and friends refused to let me give it up.  Me, amusing them, thinking there was no way I would draw anytime soon, allowed them to keep entering me.  So a few months ago when I had a hit on my checking acct for the amount the deer tag cost, I had a melt down.  OK so don't get me wrong, I grew up deer hunting with my family.  I have a basic knowledge of how all this works.  I also have a deep love and respect for nature, these animals, and the Earth we all roam.  It's not like I am just going to go to the forest and start blazing bullets into the air, that's totally not how I work.  The friends and family that have been encouraging me to do this are extremely experienced hunters and have been beyond supportive.  They realize I need A LOT of help and they have been so supportive already that I am humbled and honored to call them friends. And then there is Benny, my sweetheart, he has worked his can off to make all of this happen and acts like it is as important to him as if it were his own hunt, it makes me cry just to think about it all.  

So this trip was just to learn the area, and to see if we could spot any deer.  Our friends Jason, Jed and Mike came down Friday morning and stayed all weekend just to help us.  We had never been to this area before and Jason had, so he showed us around and now I feel a whole lot better that we know the unit a little bit.   It was amazing, the forest was one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen.  Our kids were troopers, we put over 140 miles on the four wheelers and they had very little objection to any of it.  This was just one of a few trips we will make, so we were glad that they enjoyed it so much.  Ally rode with me for most of it, except for the night I took these pictures.  She just sat there and looked for "puppies", which was anything not a human, cows, deer, dogs ect.  Ty, he was in heaven, he loved every single second, such a boy.  We saw a few deer but not as many as we were hoping to.  There was a full moon while we were there which usually means deer stay up all night and eat, and sleep all day.  Also it rained pretty good every afternoon, which means they weren't having to travel for water.  While we didn't get to see as many deer we were hoping to, Jason did manage to get a picture of this handsome Buck.

Isn't he gorgeous??? I look at him everyday, just to keep myself pumped!  Which I am, I am super excited to embark upon this adventure.  I am also scared to death, and having a really hard time dealing with the emotions of it, I miss Chad  a whole lot lately, and would give anything to have him here to hold my hand.  Cross your fingers for me, and say a little prayer, this is maybe going to be one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done.   If you don't hear from me much before the end of October then just assume I am connecting with my inner sports-woman, which I realized is still in here, and she is awesome!