Friday, November 16, 2012

In Progress

I have been sewing a lot this week, Yay!  I have a couple things that need finishing ASAP.  I have this one friend, who I have known my ENTIRE life, no lie.  We grew up together in the same cul-de-sac.  She is an only child just like me, which means we are sisters, just with different DNA.   Even though we don't talk often I think about the girl everyday. And it never matters how long it's been since our last chat we always pick up right where we left off.  We have literally been through thick and thin together, trust me. Lets not talk about how long ago this was, I am getting OLD...

Anyways, this amazing and gorgeous girl is getting married in a few weeks.  Since she is a quilter herself I asked her to choose a pattern and fabric that she liked and let me know.  She did well, just like I knew she would.  And so her wedding quilt is almost done.  But it hasn't been without some help.  Sorry Bri, you know how organized I am, I had good intentions, but there was no way I was going to get it done with everything else going on this Fall.  So Cindy, my other amazing and adorable friend climbed aboard my sinking ship and bailed me out.  I would not survive without my friends, I am so grateful for them.  Anyways, I realize I am rambling, as usual, sorry....

Every year I make a Christmas Quilt and give it to the Hospital in our town and they sell raffle tickets to raise money for Sub for Santa.  It's also in progress.

I have also been working on a few toss pillows for my bed, So far I have these two, only three more to go.

I guess by now it's obvious that I can't just start something and finish it before going on to the next thing.  Yeah, it's an issue, maybe it will be a New Year's Resolution, which means I still have six weeks to start a few more projects :) Stay tuned, I plan on getting a few of these wrapped up this weekend, wish me luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to Normal

Or Ty's version of normal anyways.  He thinks we need to make cookies every other day.  I agree, but my waist line does not.  Every once in a while I cave, who could resist this little man?

 This sweet little lady had a napper while we measured and mixed, but as soon as the delicious smell of cookies filled the air her eyes batted open and she insisted on sitting at the counter with Ty.

This is the reason we don't make cookies everyday, because as I take her picture and giggle at how funny she looks with her mouth stuffed full of cookie, I realize that I look the same on the other side of the camera. Between that and the lovely post nap hair, she doesn't stand a chance, poor girl is her Mama through and through.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Last week I dropped Ty at Preschool and Ally and I headed to the post office to drop a few things in the mail.  I stopped to turn back onto the road and all of a sudden my car was being showered with golden leaves falling off the small tree next to us.  I sat there for a few minutes, just staring at them and putting way to much thought into it.  It was overcast and windy, and my mood was a little melancholy.   I finally turned and headed up the road towards home.  I looked in the rear view mirror and Miss Ally was fast asleep.  My car was warm and the perfect CD was playing that matched my mood and the weather.  So I parked in my driveway and ran inside just long enough to grab my camera.  I had convinced myself that it was a perfect afternoon to waste driving around aimlessly looking for cool photo ops.  I felt a little dumb as I passed Ben on the road.  "He would think I am super dramatic right now," I thought to myself,  but oh well, I knew he would be proud of me for playing with my camera.

 It was just what I needed, When it was time to get Ty I was refreshed and had snapped out of my sulky mood.  I am so grateful to live in such a gorgeous place.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since you are undoubtedly tired of my rambling (and so am I), pictures with a few captions are all that are going to happen today.  But I happen to think that it's more than enough.  These two little characters are cuter than any words could do them justice anyway.

"The Minion" his lovely expression was due to the fact that he had to have his picture taken before he could go Trick or Treating, I am such a terrible mother.

"The Oompa" I love that she has no idea how hilarious she looks, she is going to kill me for this one day isn't she? And yes, despite several later, rinse, and repeats her hair is still slightly green.

A little Oompa Minion love, ahhhh.  I should totally have dressed Ally as a minion.  Ty loves all the Minion clips on YouTube but he most loves the Biggest Loser one where the one minion points out his butt as the area he would like to work on.  Ty went around pointing to his butt and saying butt, butt, butt so much that Ally had it down too.  Every time she saw him she would say butt, butt, butt, and it was hilarious.  Oh well, she was still a pretty cute Oompa Loompa. 

The night before my children were on the brink of diabetic shock I decided to carve the pumpkins that Grandma Jen grew in her garden with Ty.  I love to carve pumpkins, Ben hates it, but somehow he always ends up in the middle of it all.  

Such a good Daddy he is, I love Halloween!!!