Monday, May 7, 2012

4 year old FOR SALE

When your son comes in the house 25 minutes before preschool starts, and asks you to get him a clean shirt, count to 10 slowly before you turn around.  Once you do lay eyes on him, count to 10 again, then grab your camera.

He wasn't to happy, he didn't want me to take his picture.  He was "freezin' Momma"  He really freaked when I told him I was going to rinse him with the hose.  Lucky for him I had mercy on his soul.  But he does have a lot of cleaning to do when he gets home, First up, the bath tub....

And then whatever else I can find.  I think I will quit buying him shirts that say this...

Ironic? or just Karma? I should also mention this shirt is brand new, literally first time on his back. So if you see any shirts that say, "I listen to my mom when she tells me not to get muddy" please let me know.  Also, Ben is off to an Endodontist to have his root canal this afternoon, cross your fingers for him.  Did I mention that Thursday cannot come fast enough???


TJ and Stephanie said...

Hahaha I'm sorry Haley, but that is hilarious!! What a funny little dude you have! Maybe I can just rent him from you for a few hours :)

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