Friday, June 1, 2012

A hiking we did go...

I talked Steph and her girlie's and Maddie into going hiking with us on Thursday.  We had been talking about it forever, and finally found a day that worked.  It was so much fun, seriously I think I want to do this once a week.  Steph and I agreed while hiking, free fun is really awesome!

Ty and Toby ran the whole way, except on these water crossings.  Ty was pretty nervous about them at first, you would have thought that was the amazon under there. Since I had Ally on my back Maddie kindly consented to be my Sherpa and haul all our snacks up.  Such a sweet girl that one.

If you have never been on this hike, or even if you have, you must go.  It was really beautiful, nice and cool, and it's a nice short walk. If I can make it anyone can :) 

Also, three posts in one week will probably never happen again, I apparently have way to much time on my hands.  Or maybe I am just slackin', either way it's just wrong.


Marion said...

We LOVE the Gratto! The BEST hike for kiddo's... and it has a bonus WATER prize at the top! We've had to get stitches after one of our trips. Sharp rocks and feet don't mix well :p

TJ and Stephanie said...

This really was a lot of fun! We're game for some more summer picnic hikes!!

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