Friday, July 13, 2012

P2 Graduate

For the past two weeks Ty has been going to swimming lessons.  Today was the last day and I finally remembered my camera! Woohoo! This year was his second year and it seemed a lot harder.  Last year they just played little games and tried to get them used to the water.  This year they wanted them to do the breast stroke, back stroke and the crawl.  I was glad that wasn't me in the water, I would have probably failed.  Despite having taken swimming lessons twice a summer for at least 8 years... my Mom used to have dreams that I fell into the water and sank and she could never get to me.  She is an amazing swimmer, so she was pretty freaked out.  Anyways, Ty was a little nervous to lay on his back and float without someone holding onto him, but he tried harder everyday he went.  And I guess that's the point, to just get used to the idea. I was pretty dang proud of him.

 Maddie's lessons were the same time as Ty's. She is a little fish, she can swim like nobody's business.

When we were leaving Ty asked if we could play at the playground for a minute, like he does everyday.  Since it was overcast and wasn't as hot as usual, I told him OK.  They had baby swings and I have been wanting to put Ally in one for awhile.  She totally loved it, it was so funny.

I have gotten to sew a bunch this week.  It has been awesome.  I am getting super excited for our girls weekend next weekend, yay!!  Ok I have a houseful of loud crazy little boys and a baby who wants to be in the middle of all the chaos, I had better make sure the rest of the house is still standing and no one is bleeding :) Happy Weekend


Jeanna said...

HALEY JO!!!!! So glad you found me so that I could find you!!!! I've honestly been stalking facebook looking for you... we lost touch way too easily! Andrea said she'd heard from you here and there. So much to catch up on! Your kiddos are so adorable! a good mix of you and Ben! Seriously miss you tons! You have no idea!!!

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