Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July, it was 95 degrees, yuck.  Today it is the 5th of July, it's 67 degrees.  How does that happen?  I don't know, but I am not complaining.  It's raining outside, yep, RAINING!!! It's most lovely. Inside it's not as lovely.  I am listening to my baby cry herself to sleep in her crib.  Why does she think I should hold her while she naps?  I usually rock her to sleep, (I know bad plan,) they are only little for so long and I just love to snuggle their little bodies when they are so still.  Then I ALWAYS put her in her crib, so why the last few weeks does she wake up instantly and scream?  She is still little enough that she needs a nap, I need her to need a nap.  So instead of clenching my teeth until they break I will blog a bit to ease the pain.  Speaking of growing up too fast, check out what Ty did yesterday...

He wasn't really all that excited about it, in fact he mourned the loss of his training wheels until Ben finally relented and put them back on.

His bike is still a little bit tall for him, so we told ourselves it was OK.  Really I think we are OK with just keeping him little for a bit longer, at least I am.  After the bike lesson they got into a little water fight.

Ben included Ally by shooting her feet, she thought that was OK.  Then she got caught in the cross fire, she did not think that was OK.

We finished off the evening at Em and Ty's, they invited us over for a BBQ.  They cooked us a steak, it was soooo dang good, such a treat.  I forgot my camera, dang.  But trust me, it was a good time.  It might have been fun to light a few fireworks but they have been banned this year due to the extremely dry conditions.  That's OK though, a few fireworks are not worth a giant wildfire that could put people and their homes in danger, not to mention the firefighters, totally not worth it.

I have a million things left to do this week and it's already Thursday.  Laundry and some housework should be at the top of my list, but serously, blah.... Sort of like grocery shopping and cooking.  The giant bowl of rice pudding that I made last week is almost gone, that happens when you all eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (yes we ran out of Zingers.)  That means I should probably cook real food again sometime soon. I have also got to get the dang sewing closet back together.  Ben's Birthday is Monday and I  have him nothing, I am such an awesome wife.  I need to go get some fabric so that I am ready to go to girls weekend on the 20th, (yay!).  I really need to get Ty to swimming lessons on time at least one day this week.  I need to mow the lawn, sweep out the garage, and wipe down the baseboards in my bedroom. OK so the last two are a long shot.....  I also need to blog a few things that are blog worthy but that I have been to lazy to do, remember that last post... lazy, it's the name of the game around here lately, I just don't know how to break it.  Maybe I will call my mom and see if she wants to go shopping for cheep sunglasses with me this afternoon, that seems like a good use of time, ha.  OK really I'm going to buckle down here.... in five more minutes.......  sigh........


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