Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012

I can't believe it's already over.  Why does the fun stuff always go by so fast?  OK, everything is going by way too fast, but especially vacations.  I had all my stuff and my kids in the car by 2:00 on Friday.  No one else was leaving until 3:30.  I was just a little excited.  After driving around aimlessly for an hour we finally headed North.  We met up with the girls at The Store in Midway, BEST grocery store ever.  They just have tons of stuff you can never find anywhere else.  I called and ordered a cake from them on Wednesday.  We are a little crazy when it comes to cake.  Schmidt's cake to be exact, which they have at The Store.  When I ordered it I couldn't remember what size, I told the lady I thought a quarter sheet was what we usually got.  She said yeah, that will feed 24.  24 what? midgets?  She had clearly never met us.  After a long moment of contemplation I told her that would be OK.  After I hung up I instantly called Dee to make sure I had ordered right.  She said yes but if I messed up and ordered a half sheet there would be no hard feelings.  I'm so glad we are on the same page about things.  While we were in The Store it started raining, hard.  That seemed to be the theme for most of our trip, scattered rain storms, it was heavenly.  When we finally got done clearing out The Store, we made our way to Park City.  You should have seen the poor bell boys face when we opened the trunks of our cars and Dee's SUV.  He was so kind and helpful though, and after an hour or two we were all settled in and talking about what to sew first.  For the next four days we only left the room three times.  Once to swim, once to take my children to their daddy's truck, and once to go out to dinner.  We had all cooked and brought food, and it was all really, really yummy.  Audrey made us Peirogies for dinner one night and bagels roasted with fresh tomatoes for lunch one day.  I made a veggie quiche and chicken enchilada's which we ate for lunch and dinner one day.  Emmy made Manicotti, like the best I have ever eaten in my life.  She also made us Margaritas, (virgin of course) which we were all dying for.  And Dee made everything else. She made a wedge salad one night that was so pretty you felt a little guilty eating it, until you took a bite, then you were fine with it, it was sooo yummy.  I didn't take any pictures of our food, my brain doesn't work that way.  You put food in front of me and pictures are the farthest thing from my mind.  Anyway, by Monday night we were all sick, not like caught something sick, like we had eaten ourselves sick, sick.  We were all sick, but still eating! I love this family.... So these are the pictures that I did manage to take, they are random, and not a great representation of everything that got done, which was a lot.  For everyone but me.

Dee made Ty this apron, excuse me, BOY apron.  
He is in love with it, he kept filling his little pocket with her M&M's.

Emmy getting in The Zone.  She only stayed in "stretchy pants" all weekend so that I had company :)

Maddie with her mini charm pack all layed out, she sewed it all together, but I didn't get a picture of it, I am a terrible person. It is going to be a pillow one day, it's really cute.

I worked on this one block for 12 hours, I complained the ENTIRE time.   I am pretty sure they wanted to throw me off the deck.  I wanted to throw myself off the deck.  I do not enjoy applique.  I didn't even take a picture of the finished block, I was really over it. I only did it to finish up a quilt that I started like two years ago.  It was a block of the month, so all the other blocks have been done for awhile, a long while.  It was fun until it came to this block for the center and then putting it all together. Luckily Dee had also made this quilt, and finished it, so it was beyond helpful to have her around to help me. But by day three I was so burned out that I put it away and started on something else.  Looking back I really wish I had stuck with it and gotten at least one thing done. Oh well, next year. (My family wants to stab themselves thinking about enduring it again next year. I better get it done, or lost, before then.)

Emmy's stack.  She cut for the entire 12 hours I worked on the dreaded block, 
she complained slightly less, but only slightly.  

Audrey tracing her Turtles. 

Her Turtle fabric, I was extremely jealous.  
I have always wanted to make something with Batiks, hers were gorgeous.

Audrey finished this quilt that she had already been working on, it is GORGEOUS! 
This picture is terrible, it does not even come close to doing it justice.

Audrey and Dee's work stations, and the cute pin cushions I made for everyone.  I found the tutorial on Make it Love it, they were really easy, and super cute!

Dee was working on these big appliqued flowers, She got them all sashed and sewed together, but I didn't get a picture of that either... sigh. But trust me, VERY cute.

There was a hot tub on our deck.  LIFE SAVER, Ty and Maddie were in there like three times a day. 
(also, check out our awesome view!)

Frozen Margarita, also known as Manna. The only food I did take a picture of, 
only because I was eating so fast I got a brain freeze and had to stop for 5 seconds.

This was what I did after I gave up on my first project, yeah, I didn't finish it either, boo.
I did get all my blocks layed out, but I was too tired to finish, it was 12:30am.

Dee was also working this farm applique quilt, it was so cute we could hardly stand it.  She schooled us, she got a ton of stuff almost done.  I think she didn't finish anything just to make me feel better.

Audrey finished her turtle quilt too. She is awesome. It is amazing, we were all drooling over it. 

One of Emmy's blocks.  They are Camille Roskelley's pattern Swoon, and swoon we did.

This trip will go down in history, just like every year.  We had so much fun and really the best part was just being together and laughing, talking and being best friends.  I am so grateful for these women.  They mean more to me than I can even express.  They are an answer to prayers and I will never be worthy of the love and acceptance they have for me.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be a part of this family.  I have been home for 24 hours and I already can't wait for next year.  Let the countdown begin....


Marion said...

How super fun!!!! I am sew jealous!!! I am going to make those pin coushions right now!!! Where did you get the squat canning jars? ...wait, I'll text you that question ;)

Lara said...

How fun! That looks like the perfect weekend! I love looking at everyone's projects and hear about all of the food. I also love the pin cushions and just put that on my endless list! Cute!

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