Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ty's Birthday

I can't believe my little man is four.  I thought when I decided to stay at home with him and Ally that I would get to spend more time with them and so time wouldn't seem to go so fast.  But it doesn't seem to matter what I do, time just goes whizzing by and I and it brings a little tear to my eye that my little boy is so grown up.  He finally got to have a friend party this year, he had been to a few for his friends and he was so excited that we had to count down the days until his party.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures, (another reason I wanted to start blogging, I hopfully will be a little more motivated to take pictures) but these are the few that I managed to get over the three days his birthday ended up lasting.

His friend party, little boys are so funny they were all so excited for Ty to see what they had brought him.

Toby sure knows the way to Ty's heart, a large tractor does the trick every time.  She is the funniest girl you have ever met, she is always up for an adventure, four boys had nothing on her!

Ben and I got Ty a new bike for his birthday, these are the only pictures I have of him with it because he was dressed and riding it in about 2 seconds and I was running down the road with Ally in the stroller trying to keep up with him. Good thing we don't have much traffic at our house. His dad told him that if he can get bike riding down then he will think about getting him a dirt bike, needless to say he has been working really hard.

I asked Ty what he wanted for Sunday dessert at Grandma DeHart's house, so we could sing to him with his Aunts and Uncles, "Mom, I just want some ice cream cones with no ice cream" awesome, everyone should enjoy a tasteless stale ice cream cone son.  So after a quick internet search I made some ice cream cone cupcakes.  I am apparently the only person on the planet who had never heard of these little babies, but they were really easy, and so cute, best of all NO ice cream required.

Ty you surprise me everyday. You are so smart, you have memory like am elephant, you never forget ANYTHING.  You love your sister so much, and she loves you too.  You go into her room every morning when she wakes up and she smiles and giggles and laughs at every word you say.  You love to have a job to do, even if it's taking out stinky diapers.  I am so proud of you, you are brave and honest, and you make the best of every situation.  I love you to the moon and back little man, Happy Birthday.


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