Saturday, April 28, 2012

Salem Hills Prom 2012

My friend and I like to pretend we are photographers.  And sometimes we even turn out a few shots that we think aren't to shabby.  Over the past few years we have done dance pictures for her daughter and her friends.  The first time or two they were really stiff and had a really hard time not feeling awkward with us taking the photos.  But seriously, who of us had dance pictures that looked amazing and weren't awkward???  I wish there was someone around to take pictures like these when we were in high school.  I love that they tell so much more of the story than the awesome gym photos.  Keep in mind that there were two of us shooting, so if it seems like I had a lot of shots of some and not others, they were not neglected, just not who I was in charge of.  I had so many pictures, and please forgive me, I love them all so much, I couldn't pick the ones I love the most.  So beware, lots of pictures ahead...

 Somehow I became in charge of the boys.... (ok, I maybe put myself in charge of them, but look how handsome they all look!)   I left them alone for seriously maybe a minute, and then I hear them yelling for me, they have the perfect idea for there next "boys" shot.  I have to say, it's pretty much perfect, boy all the way.  I would say they have definitely gotten a little more comfortable with me taking their picture.  And no, they are not actually....  But I laughed so hard, thanks guys for letting us pretend to be photographers one last time.


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