Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is a holiday that is near to my heart.  Four years ago it was in March.  The 23rd to be exact. It was the day before Ty was born, I was.... large, you could say.  And it was cold, but to me it seemed like an amazing temperature.  I was looking back at pictures from past Easters and realized that it's quite a temperamental holiday, weather wise anyway.  Some years we have on coats other years we are in shorts.  I secretly love weather like this, I love those few weeks where everyday is a mystery.  Anyway, (I am a rambler, I am pretty sure most of you already know this) our Easter was awesome.  We started out with an egg hunt and Grandma Jens and Grandpa Jeffs on Saturday.  I am not sure who was more excited, the kids or Grandpa.  He is so awesome, he loves his grand kids so much and loves to play with them.

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

 I love taking pictures of kids, all looking different directions with different expressions.
We weren't sure exactly what was wrong with Kennedy....

the contents of a few eggs seemed to help....

Mason and Ty counting their eggs
On Sunday we had our DeHart Family Easter Extravaganza, I just came up with that, but I am sure it will stick.  They have the best egg hunt ever.  They hide eggs, but it's the sixty cans of soda that are hidden in the yard that are most prized.  Trust me, they are not just laying in the lawn.  You have to work for these babies.  They are in some pretty treacherous places sometimes. The best part to me is when someone finds one and Dad says "Dang".  You see, he always hides a few hoping they wont be found, so that when he goes to mow the lawn he will have a little refreshment.  So funny, I love that man.
Aww, grandpa, how generous, you must know the ones that share.

This is our brother in law, his name is Ty also,
Yes Ty, that is a plastic egg, its what normal people hunt on Easter.
But maybe you should look for some more, your bag doesn't look quite full.

Ty and Emmy's pretty baby girl, Izzi.

Poor Bear and Floss were locked in the back of the truck, they have been known to eat
a few eggs, and cans, that might be enough to call the pound around here.

 We ended the day with a little trick bike show.  Ben was teaching Ty and Maddie how to leave blackies on the drive way by skidding to a stop.  But the best part was most definitely when our brother in law Brian tried it out, he is the funniest guy you have ever met.  We are so lucky, we have lots of really awesome family.  I am not sure how I didn't end up with a good pic of Maddie.  But then again her and Ben are quite competitive when it comes to things like egg and soda hunts, so she was probably somewhere far ahead of where I was. 

I know that there is far more to Easter than an egg hunt or two.  And we really did have family night and talk about what Easter is all about, on a four year old level of course.  I was reading a friends blog the other day ( and she had the most beautiful, true and sincere things to say about Easter, I figure that if I am not very good at putting things into words, I am at least glad to know some one who is. I can say that I am so grateful for our savior and everything he did for ME, so that I can live this beautiful life that I live.  I am so grateful for an eternal family, And for the opportunity to repent and be forgiven.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing family on both sides, I am so grateful for each and every person.  Thanks everyone for making our Easter so special!


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