Thursday, September 6, 2012

San Juan Utah

So I had myself convinced that it had only been one week since my last post.  Wrong, two weeks.  Dang, I hate when time gets away from me like that.  It's not like it's been a kicked back two weeks, it's been killer.   But the best part was our camping trip down south, it was amazing.

Last Thursday we pulled the trailer down to southern Utah to camp.  It's not like we just decided on this particular area because it's super awesome (which it totally is).  Every year for the last 13 years I have entered the Utah Big Game Hunting Draw trying to obtain a tag which allows me to hunt a deer in this specific area.  It's not like 13 years ago I was itching to hunt for deer.  (I'm still not feeling much itch) 13 years ago my Step Dad, who was a hunting fanatic, started entering for me.  The plan was that he was going to take me and pretty much do all the really hard stuff for me.  Five years ago my Step Dad passed away.  With so many points built up my family and friends refused to let me give it up.  Me, amusing them, thinking there was no way I would draw anytime soon, allowed them to keep entering me.  So a few months ago when I had a hit on my checking acct for the amount the deer tag cost, I had a melt down.  OK so don't get me wrong, I grew up deer hunting with my family.  I have a basic knowledge of how all this works.  I also have a deep love and respect for nature, these animals, and the Earth we all roam.  It's not like I am just going to go to the forest and start blazing bullets into the air, that's totally not how I work.  The friends and family that have been encouraging me to do this are extremely experienced hunters and have been beyond supportive.  They realize I need A LOT of help and they have been so supportive already that I am humbled and honored to call them friends. And then there is Benny, my sweetheart, he has worked his can off to make all of this happen and acts like it is as important to him as if it were his own hunt, it makes me cry just to think about it all.  

So this trip was just to learn the area, and to see if we could spot any deer.  Our friends Jason, Jed and Mike came down Friday morning and stayed all weekend just to help us.  We had never been to this area before and Jason had, so he showed us around and now I feel a whole lot better that we know the unit a little bit.   It was amazing, the forest was one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen.  Our kids were troopers, we put over 140 miles on the four wheelers and they had very little objection to any of it.  This was just one of a few trips we will make, so we were glad that they enjoyed it so much.  Ally rode with me for most of it, except for the night I took these pictures.  She just sat there and looked for "puppies", which was anything not a human, cows, deer, dogs ect.  Ty, he was in heaven, he loved every single second, such a boy.  We saw a few deer but not as many as we were hoping to.  There was a full moon while we were there which usually means deer stay up all night and eat, and sleep all day.  Also it rained pretty good every afternoon, which means they weren't having to travel for water.  While we didn't get to see as many deer we were hoping to, Jason did manage to get a picture of this handsome Buck.

Isn't he gorgeous??? I look at him everyday, just to keep myself pumped!  Which I am, I am super excited to embark upon this adventure.  I am also scared to death, and having a really hard time dealing with the emotions of it, I miss Chad  a whole lot lately, and would give anything to have him here to hold my hand.  Cross your fingers for me, and say a little prayer, this is maybe going to be one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done.   If you don't hear from me much before the end of October then just assume I am connecting with my inner sports-woman, which I realized is still in here, and she is awesome!


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She can hunt and she can craft! What a woman!!!

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