Friday, September 28, 2012

In my own backyard

The mountains out my back window are crazy with color.  I told Ben that he just had to get me out of the house last night, so we loaded up the kids and he took us out for a hamburger and a drive.  I am always in awe of fall, and every corner we went around just got better, to which I would say "Oh my gosh! Look at that, it's so gorgeous!"  After about the thirtieth time I had said it, I asked Ben, who wasn't commenting nearly as much as I thought he should be, don't you think it's amazing?  He said well once you have seen one red tree all the rest just kind of look the same.  What a man.  So needless to say I enjoyed the ride a whole lot, and Ben enjoyed having a happy wife and showing me where they ride their dirt bikes.  I am so grateful for this amazing beauty in my own back yard.

 Yeah, I can't see why Ben wasn't going crazy either.  It was spectacular! I have to make it back up there.  I want to try and get some more pictures, it was getting dark at the end and I wasn't nearly done.  On another note, I did get a project done, OK I got two projects done (yay me).  But one I have to wait to show until I have it all "put together".  This one is also very exciting though, for all my friends who have stood in my kitchen and said to themselves, why the heck doesn't she just hang a curtain on that lonely curtain rod that has been bare for almost four years, (yes four years) today is your day. (and I know that you thought it, don't even try to deny it)

The rod had been put there by the people who lived here before us.  It used to be white, I sprayed it black four years ago, now I sort of wish it was white.  I had good intentions to hang a curtain up, but inspiration never struck.  I wanted a small curtain because it would just be a total shame to block the view out that window. Then a week ago it hit me, completely out of nowhere. I remembered this fabric that was in my stash.  (don't ask why, it was so long ago I don't remember, and if you need some I still have probably 4 yards, don't judge me.) So I spent 1.50 at Walmart on some ribbon and a few hours later, viola!  Not to shabby right?  Not best curtain in the world, but better than a lonely bare curtain rod.  I am pretty pleased. Anyways I hope everyone can get out his weekend and fill your lungs with this amazing fall air.  I have to sight in a gun.  To go on a deer hunt.  That's less than a month away now, gulp.  Hope y'all have a lovely weekend.  (can you use the word y'all if you aren't from the south? I really like it) (along with parenthesis)(sorry)


Marion said...

Love LOVE love the valance and LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall colors! :) Happy day... and doesn't the air smell good?

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