Friday, September 7, 2012

Back in the swing

Our summer has been amazing.  We have partied and played, and it has been lovely.  Now it's time to get back into a normal routine.  In someways I hate to see summer go, in other ways I like getting back to somewhat of a schedule.  (and I am sick of sweating like a pig, it's been a hot one!)  On Tuesday Ty started Preschool, again....

He has been dying to wear his school shoes for weeks, and his tractor shirt. Not sure what he is doing with his hand, I think he was smacking my plant out of the way, but it looks a little questionable :).  I hope I always remember to take my kids pictures on the first day of school, so far, so good. 

I am hoping that I will be able to fit a little quilting into this new schedule.  I have been pretty hit and miss this summer,  but that's OK, I have loved every minute of hanging with my kiddos.  I have a whole lot of projects that are crying out for attention.  A month or so ago I attempted my own design,  I was inspired by a pattern I saw on a rug.  For some reason after I finished it, It totally made me think of my Aunt and Cousin, so if I had to give her a name today then she would be "Stiletto Jones".

I just did this small one to start, but I want to make it a lot bigger. (sorry it's so wrinkly, it's been folded up for awhile)  I am also in the middle of a little baby boy quilt for some friends of ours that are expecting soon.    

If you can't tell, I am digging solids lately.  I have some big plans. Christmasy plans:)  using a pattern by this awesome little pattern person.

I also went to a youth activity on Wednesday night for our church group.  My mother in law was teaching the girls some embroidery, and asked me if I would come and help out.  I haven't done any hand work in forever, I was worried I wouldn't remember a thing.  As it turns out, I do remember, but I seriously forgot how much I love it.  It is amazing mindless work that just soothes the soul.  Even the girls loved it, and they did a great job.  I ended up making miss Ally a little white hankie, sew cute, sew fun.  I am sure someday she will appreciate it, right??

So as you can see, I plan on wearing many hats this Fall.  Here's hoping I can make it happen.  Now I'm off to put on the trusty dusty, Mom hat, my favorite hat of all.


Jeanna said...

oh girly! i love seeing your projects and your cute kiddos.... so can i hire you to make some quilts for me?!?!?! dead serious!?!?! i'm behind on quilts i owe all 3 of my children, because, oh yeah, i don't quilt. we really need to play catch up... me you & lins. good times!

Lara said...

Love to see your projects! You inspire me. I haven't done hand work in a long time either. There are too many fun things I'd like to do...

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