Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am officially a Soccer Mom

Tonight was Ty's very first soccer game.  He was on top of the world, in spite of it feeling like we were on top of the sun, it was hot.  He had tons of fun, and he had tons of people there to watch him run around aimlessly following the mass of kids kicking around the ball.  He only ran off the field crying once and he claims that it was because he got kicked in the head.  It wasn't to serious, nothing a big drink of water and a high five couldn't fix.  It was really a good time watching him, I even caught myself yelling at him to "RUN TY RUN!!! GET THE BALL!!"  And then it hit me, I am totally a Soccer Mom, (minus the minivan, sorry minivan friends) and I love it!  So dang proud of my little man.  If you can't tell by this mass of pictures.

Did you get a picture of my number Momma?

When I went to take his picture while he was being the goalie he graciously smiled, when I kept taking his picture he said, "Mom I really need to keep my eye on the ball here!" He told me tonight that his favorite part was being the goalie because he just loves red!  After the soccer game we inhaled some dinner and Ben went to the shop to work on his truck.  He has been assembling it all week!

Only a few more hours and it will be done!  Can I just say I am head over heals for that handsome gear head.  How could you not love a man that can tear an engine to pieces and put it all back together, and have it work.  Not just work, but work better, work properly.  He is a genius I tell ya, genius.

Ty, Ally and I walked home just as it was getting dark.  There was a little breeze and the temperature was perfect.  It might have been my favorite part of the day.  That was until Ty wanted to push the stroller but wasn't pushing it anywhere and I finally said I am pushing the stroller.  Then a tired sweaty fit ensued which included my son telling me (while doing his best fake cry) that now he just had to walk because he had nothing, nothing but legs.  I giggled all the way home, which only made him more mad, such a tough life, nothing but legs and a mean Mother (that's what he calls me when he is mad), I sure hope he survives!

Also yesterday was my Moms Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!  I love these pictures of her and Ty, they are from a few weeks ago.  It pretty much says everything you need to know, they are best buddies.  He would usually rather be with her than anyone else on the planet, and I think a lot of the time the feeling is mutual. Anyways hope you had a great birthday Mom, we love you a whole bunch and couldn't make it even one day without you!


Clay.Chayla & Lizzie said...

I just love your blog. I never even knew you had such mad photography skills! I should have hired you to take pictures of lizzies birthday party. My little point and shoot cheap camara just didnt work so well.. You will know what i mean when you see the pictures ive posted. How fun to be a soccer mom. I cant wait until lizzie plays soccer haha thats going to be funny!

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