Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Waylon Cade

When my friend Nicole asked me If I could take a few pictures of her little man I was super excited.  He is near and dear to my heart, his Momma is one of my best friends and he was born just a few months before Ally girl.  And he's really super cute.... his big blue eyes just melt me.  It had to share a few of his pictures.  We took them in the same spot as the ones I took of Ty and Ally, so if they look familiar that's why, maybe someday I will branch out, maybe...

I have been playing with this last picture most of the day.  I love love love it, I just can't get it to look "right".  I wish I was better at editing in Photoshop,  I just don't know enough to get the results I want.  Oh well, I am still pretty happy with these cute pictures of this handsome little man.  Hope his Momma likes them, and his Grandpa, he is the one who requested new photos.  You silly grandparents who want to show your little people off, you are as bad as me!


Nicole Barney said...

Haley they turned out so cute!!!!! Thank you so much.

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