Friday, August 3, 2012

Preparing for Takeoff

I have been writing this post in my head for a month or more.  I have known that I need to document all of Ally's various modes of transportation.  But once again that means I have to admit that she is growing up, which is not my favorite thing.  Don't get me wrong I want her to grow and be healthy but part of me wants her to be a baby forever.  Oh well, I had better get over it cause it's a battle that I'm clearly not going to win.  On Wednesday afternoon Ally decided she was going to walk.  Just like that.  She stood up and walked all over the place.  She had been taking a few steps here and there, for the past few weeks, but not without help and lots of encouragement.  She is still pretty wobbly, she falls quite a bit and has to stand back up and start over, a process that seems like it takes forever.  But you can see in her smile how proud she is of herself, of course some of it might also be that all of us are cheering for her.

Before walking, her primary mode of transportation was The Scoot.  For about the last eight months she has sat on her bum and paddled herself around.  Apparently this was also how my Mom got around when she was a baby.  They are so alike, I am in so much trouble! (hehe just kidding Mom, sort of...)

(sorry about the sogginess, it really wasn't as bad as these pictures make it seem.)  

Everywhere we went people would see her scoot and think it was the cutest funniest thing ever.  It was cute, at first, but after she practically ruined every pair of shorts and pants she owned, it was less cute. I am pretty sure that I am single handedly keeping Shout in business.  My Mother in law kept threatening to Velcro a damp cloth to her bum to clean the floor, which I have to admit, is not a bad idea.  She did start crawling about a month ago, everyone told me that she needed to learn how or she would have trouble reading.  She really just crawls to be silly, cause she always flops on her belly while crawling and laughs.  I was glad she learned how to crawl, even though it wasn't the milestone I was looking for at 15 months old.  I can't believe how big she is getting.  My baby......  not so much a baby anymore, but always my baby girl, love you little girl :)

P.S.  I lost....


lori said...

She is too darling! And grown up! And for the record: my Spencer said to me at breakfast this morning, totally out of the blue, "Where does Ty live?"
Your Ty is the only one I know, but I thought I'd verify: "You mean Ty from school?" I said...meaning church, but confusing my words as usual. Spencer corrected me, "No, Ty from church!" verifying that he did indeed mean your Ty. Long story short: We need to have your little buddy over to play with mine! It would make Spencer's day!

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