Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My 2 little loves..

Last year on my Mom's birthday I threw my kids on my bed and took some pictures of them.  She needed some new ones and her Birthday seemed like a good occasion, apparently there needs to be one for me to take any decent pictures of them.  Anyway, I thought they turned out pretty cute.  Even though Ally was only 4 months old and less than cooperative. 

  So fast forward to this year, where I am ahead of the game a few weeks, yay me!  I took the kids out on the grass last night and pretty much just let them be them.  I am pretty much over the moon about how it all turned out.  I have never had any pictures of them together of them that I love, until now, and now I am definitely in love!!  (Sorry to spoil part of your birthday present Mom, but I can't resist posting these)


I can just see this picture in their wedding videos, her choking him and laughing about it!  I wrote about how these two are the best of friends in Ally's birthday post.  They really are.  Ally thinks Ty is the coolest cat around.  She is always REALLY excited to see him.  He loves her a whole bunch too.  Unless she is changing the channel when he is watching cartoons, then I hear a stern sounding "Ally J" being hollered, followed by "Mommmmmaaaaaa".  They definitely have their moments, but I am still really really proud of them for being such good friends.  And mostly at this point I am proud of that handsome little man behind that gorgeous smile.  He is an awesome big brother, such a good little man that one.  I hope one day Ally realizes how lucky she is, almost as lucky as me!

PS - Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff! We Love You!


Marion said...

Those turned out so fantastic!!! I love them :) Your kids are just precious! The grands are going to love them :)

Lindsay said...

Hey! I found your blog through Jeanna's! It was so great to see you today!!! I love those pictures of your adorable kids. Let's get together soon with Jeanna!

Lara said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever. And you got so many!!! I am lucky if I can get both of my girls to look normal at the same time. : ) Such cute kids!

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