Friday, August 17, 2012


Can I just say that I can't believe August is already half over? What the heck? Anyway, I have been telling myself for a week that I have nothing to blog about. That and I have been fighting with blogger because apparently it doesn't like my big fat huge pictures and doesn't want to store anymore of them unless I pay them.  That problem totally blindsided me and I thought my blogging days might be over forever.  Thank goodness Miss Marion called and saved me! I really am not smart enough to do this without ya all.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, apparently it also takes one for me to blog:)  So I am finally going to attempt a post today, can't promise much,  I still can't think of to much that is blog worthy, hence the title. 

A few weeks ago I called Ben while he was still at work, it was a Saturday morning.  I said the same thing I always say when he answered the phone "Hey! How's it going?"  If only his answer had been the same it almost always is, which is "good! how about you?".  No, today his answer was "Not good"... naturally my response was "oh no.. whats up?" After a brief description of the problem it was understood that the engine in his truck was probably a goner.  Last summer after I had Ally and I decided not to go back to work, we sold our vehicles and bought ones we would have no payments on.  It was a sad day, I cried, a lot.  Remember? I am a car girl... I am pretty picky about what I drive and how it looks, I have to pick out my own wheels and tires, and I must have window tint within 30 days of purchase.  And if you think that's bad then you clearly haven't met Ben, he is like a million times worse than I am.  Anyways I will get back on track here.  So we found Ben a Ford truck that he really liked, after a whole bunch (months people) of searching.  We knew when we bought it that the engine in that particular year was notorious for failing.  But Ben is a mechanical genius remember? He can fix anything.  He really thought that if he stayed on top of it and did all the preventative maintenance that he could, then we would be fine.  Plus a few of the items that usually go wrong had already gone out and been fixed by a Ford Dealer and the guy even had all the receipts to prove it.  Also it was in perfect condition, seriously it looked like it had never even been sat in, even though the odometer clearly told a different story.  And last, we were working on a pretty small budget, and we were able to get this truck for a really good deal. Anyways, back to current day, Ben tore the whole thing apart and it turns out the engine can be fixed.  It's not going to be cheap, but it will be thousands less than it would be if we had to pay someone to fix it.  Good thing Ben is a grease monkey.  So, today the poor Ford looks like this...

Does it give you anxiety? I know it looks like chaos, but it's not.  Well not entirely, Ben is pretty dang organized when it comes to stuff like this.  It's really important that it all goes back together exactly how it came apart, not just close, exactly. He knows what he is doing, I promise, cause he has done stuff like this a lot, and yes it still amazes me.  But it doesn't keep me awake at night like it used to, although I think this project might be keeping him up.  The timing wasn't great, he would have had more time this winter, but ahh, such is life.

OK moving on, Ty started soccer this week.  He is really excited and he asks everyone if they want to come watch his practice.  And practice is pretty hilarious, he has no idea what he is doing, but hey, he is having a good time.  He has been waiting to play soccer for months.  After his first practice he told me he didn't want to play anymore, I asked him why and he said because it's too short, I want to stay longer.

And finally I have a bunch of pictures that I love and want to post that have nothing to do with anything:)

Ally fell asleep in her high chair this week, it's her new napping spot.  I couldn't help but snap her picture.  She still looks like a baby from this angle, I could just eat those cheeks and lashes up!

We borrowed a helmet for Ty so he could ride the 4 wheeler with Grandma while camping this weekend, he thinks it makes him SUPER cool, really it just makes him SUPER sweaty! But he is kicking butt at riding his bike with no training wheels and Ben and I are pretty proud of him.

My daughter thinks she is super cool too.  One day this week she was finishing her lunch and she took a big drink from her sippy cup, when she was done she let out a big fake "AAAARRRPPP".  Really??? My 16 month old little GIRL fake burps after she takes a drink? pretty much, wonder where she learned that??

This is my favorite picture in recent history, OK, since last week.  I am not sure what this expression is but I feel like it's how I probably look most of the time!  And there you have it, one totally random post just in time for the weekend.  Wish me better luck next week.  Happy weekend.


Marion said...

I love your post :) what a sweet family :) My hubby is good at fixing cars too. That particular talent has saved us numerous times :) fix the dealer wanted $1200... David fixed it for $7 ...and about 2.5 hours of time! Thank heavens for men who were taught that they were smart and can do things..and actually can ;D

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