Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun and Done

On Thursday Ty, Ally, Maddie and I met up with our friends Nicole, Collin, Waylon, Jen and Miss Bentley, at the Splash Pad.  It could have been a tiny bit warmer.  It felt fine if you were nice and dry but being wet was a little chilly.  I didn't know this first hand, but Maddie's face said it all.

Ty made one pass and was done, he made friends with a little boy and we only saw him here and there after that.  Bentley was all about it, it was really funny.  She was very curious about all that water and where it was coming from.  Waylon also preferred to stay dry, despite Nicole trying to ditch him in the middle.  Ally just scooted around, far from any water.  Yes my daughter just scoots on her bum.  She is far to much of a lady to be on her knees apparently.

On Wednesday I bound two quilts! Yay me!  The second one is for Miss Ally.  I pulled it out of my stash of quilt tops and sent it to the quilters with the other one.  I'm not sure why I thought she needed another quilt, but I'm sure I totally justified it at the time.  The first one I plan on entering in the upcoming Peteetneet Quilt Show.  That baby only took me a little over a year to finish.  Thank goodness for girls weekend! (more on that later) I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  My pictures are a little rough, I am still trying to figure out quilt photography, if you have any tips I would appreciate them :)

And of course, my lovely assistant.  She is definitely the prettiest thing I have ever made. My masterpiece, one of two anyway. I am one lucky Momma.


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