Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since you are undoubtedly tired of my rambling (and so am I), pictures with a few captions are all that are going to happen today.  But I happen to think that it's more than enough.  These two little characters are cuter than any words could do them justice anyway.

"The Minion" his lovely expression was due to the fact that he had to have his picture taken before he could go Trick or Treating, I am such a terrible mother.

"The Oompa" I love that she has no idea how hilarious she looks, she is going to kill me for this one day isn't she? And yes, despite several later, rinse, and repeats her hair is still slightly green.

A little Oompa Minion love, ahhhh.  I should totally have dressed Ally as a minion.  Ty loves all the Minion clips on YouTube but he most loves the Biggest Loser one where the one minion points out his butt as the area he would like to work on.  Ty went around pointing to his butt and saying butt, butt, butt so much that Ally had it down too.  Every time she saw him she would say butt, butt, butt, and it was hilarious.  Oh well, she was still a pretty cute Oompa Loompa. 

The night before my children were on the brink of diabetic shock I decided to carve the pumpkins that Grandma Jen grew in her garden with Ty.  I love to carve pumpkins, Ben hates it, but somehow he always ends up in the middle of it all.  

Such a good Daddy he is, I love Halloween!!!


Lara said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! Thanks for making me smile. Those costumes are killer... and yes, she might kill you one day. : ) Glad you had a good Halloween.

lori said...

I love Halloween too, and your kids were the best!! So, so fun!!!!!!!

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