Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Remember when I used to have cute clever titles for my posts? yeah, I'm apparently all out of cute and clever, sorry about that. Anyways, our friends invited us to go camping for Memorial Day weekend, and it took us about 2.7 seconds to decide that we were totally in.  The first camping trip of the year is something we all look forward too.  They decided to camp up by Strawberry Reservoir and there were several families there.  There were 9 girls in all, and then Ty.  He was the only boy.  When we got there and Steph told him this, he told her "It's fine, I brought my four wheeler, I can handle it"  And wouldn't you know, those little girlies kept him on his toes all weekend.   They all played together so so so well, seriously not a cross word between them, it was heavenly.  The grown ups also had a pretty good time, seeing as all their little people were well entertained.

One could reason that if a kids mom took lots of pictures, then they should know how to smile when said Mother says "Give me your best smile".  Apparently all children know what this means except mine.  Seriously, Ty looks like he just witnessed a 10 car pile up, and Ally's face is less smile and more wolverine ready to eat a face off, I give up, at least it makes me laugh, (a lot). (Scouts smile is my favorite!!! I chuckle every time I look at her!! Kids are seriously the BEST)

I took a picture of all the kids little dirty camping faces.  They are all pretty cute, but seriously, there isn't a cuter dirty camping face than this one.  Scouty, you make me SMILE!!!

So many good memories!  Except the part where Ally started throwing up at 3am Sunday morning and didn't stop.  Seriously, I finally told Ben that we had to pack up at 7am because I was out of any kind of anything to clean her or her stomach contents up with.  So not counting our sudden departure, it was the best 'first camping trip of the summer' ever!! Thanks everyone for making it so much fun!


TJ and Stephanie said...

It was a BLAST!! Thank you for being our photographer! We love any time we get to spend with your family!!

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