Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some quiltyness, and other things

My friend and I were shop hopping a few months ago and saw this really cute idea for a quilt.  It was a chevron print made rag quilt style.  It was a small scale chevron and it only had a few layers and no batting in it.  Oh, we can totally do that so much better we said to one another.  We get ourselves into things like this all the time, you would think we would learn.  So a few weeks later Cindy and I ran a quilty errand together one Saturday afternoon and she showed me the large chevron print she had bought.  I was totally in love, so very cute.  So I went and bought my own along with some yellow minky that Ally kept laying on and rubbing her face on while we were in the fabric store.  Then I went and bought five colors of flannel to match.  Oh I was just so excited to get going.

 So a few weeks after that Cindy and I got together on a Friday night for our monthly quilt night. We layered all of our fabrics together with a little spray glue and then happily started sewing down the chevrons.  After about 45 seconds I realized that this little project was dumb.  You see there are 10 chevron stripes, and then Cindy thought it would be best to sew down the middle of the white stripes.  That means 30 seams total.  Which means sewing 2.5 inches stopping, turning the entire quilt sewing 2.5 more inches, you get the idea.  And it's not like it was 2 light fluffy pieces of cotton and some batting.  It was a fluffy piece of cotton, five fluffy pieces of flannel and one extra fluffy piece of minky.  It sucked.  So I started whining, and I kept whining.  It went on for days.  Every time I worked on it I send Cindy a text and whined about how bad I hated it.  Until she offered to finish it for me, but I told her no I just wanted to whine about it.  One Saturday I finally buckled down, fed my family cereal and fast food all day and finished it (stopping every hour or so to text Cindy).  And now I'm pretty glad I followed Cindy down this quilty path, It's darn cute. (I should mention Cindy finished hers in like a week with very little, if any at all, whining, and it was really super cute :))

 Whats even better? My daughter really loves the back.  Which makes me extra happy about all the time I spent on the front :)

And it apparently doubles as a yoga mat.  Come on Ty, do yoga with me.

After the trauma, I needed something really easy to work on.  So I dug this rag quilt out of my stash.  It's one of my original unfinished projects.  We are talking almost a decade old. But a neighbor of our is expecting a baby boy in a month or so and I thought this soft quilt might be fun to wrap him up in.  And it took me one hour to finish, sweet!

But the very best thing in recent history? My new pantry! 
There are no words to express the joy it brings to my soul.

This space used to be a half bath.  It's right off our kitchen and hadn't been used as a bathroom for at least four years.  I had stuff stacked all over in there.  A few weeks ago Ben told me that if I cleaned it out he would tear out the bathroom items and put shelves in for me.  I had that thing cleaned out in like 10 mins. Ben, well he is my hero, as usual.  All that stuff in there, it used to be shoved in all my cupboards.  You took you life into your own hands opening most of my cupboards, until now that is.  I tell ya, I don't know how I lived without a pantry, I know I never can again that's for sure.   OK I gots to go.  I need to pack, and grocery shop, not normal grocery shop, Sam's Club grocery shop.  And then pack some more. 
Less than 48 hours till go time.


TJ and Stephanie said...

I am in LOVE with your chevron blanket!!! That is one I need you to teach me how to make it!!

......I'm serious!


Marion McClellan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I haven't made a chenille quilt in like 12 years. I am going to have to copy you! Pls bring it to gulid next week :)

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