Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ty & Ally 2013

Oh my, this poor little blog.  I am going to do better.  Don't hold your breath though.  I took pictures of my kids last night with the help of my friend Cindy.  I try to take them every year for my Mom's Birthday.  It's a good occasion, and I like having a deadline to hold myself to, or they would really never happen.  But let me just tell you, Ally was soooo naughty, she wouldn't smile or hold still.  I wanted to hurt her, good thing Cindy was there, to save her life (and my mind... and freedom) and also get a few decent shots of them.  So grateful for Cindy, and so are my kids :) Despite how naughty this girl is she sure is cute, and my little man... well i'm pretty partial to his handsome mug too.

Whew, done for another summer. But I hate looking back and seeing how much they have grown, I almost cried at the school open house today.  I remembered my school days and I was a little in denial that I had a kid old enough to be in school.  Maybe kindergarten will be time I can use to blog.  Even though when I asked Ty what I was going to do without him he quickly responded, "You will just quilt Mama..." oh man, he has me figured, smart little stinker.


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