Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feelin' Stitchy

My family would probably tell you that should start with a different letter :) Today all I want to do is sew, so stay outta my hair! Ally and I went bumming last Thursday while Ty was at school.  Of course we landed in a fabric shop! Some fabric attacked me and so I had to buy it so I could exact my revenge ;) (is anybody buying that story?) You know a there is going to be some serious quilt love when the scraps are even cute.

Apparently this little helper didn't get my I don't want / need any help message :) It was OK though because she was deep in conversation with her Bomma (grandma) who wasn't really on the phone, but Ally likes to pretend someone who cares is on the other end.  She also insisted that I get a shot of her freshly painted nails.

I will try to improve my attitude by next week :)


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